• CSW14-500

  • CSW10

Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst

Also known as a DOC

Diesel Oxidisation Catalysts are designed to remove high levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC), small amounts of Nitrous Oxide (NOX), and some particulate matter (PM) from diesel exhaust systems.

  • Highly durable metallic core
  • Cost effective
  • Mostly used on smaller diesel powered machinery
  • Simple in operation
  • The same unit is easily configurable to different engines

Note: Body Diameter and length may vary due to changes in catalyst sizes.
Sizes approx. guide only. Confirm details at time of order.
Any requirements larger than listed phone or email for a solution.

Gas Purifiers

(Diesel Oxidisation Catalysts)

Stock CodeInlet / Outlet (ID)Body DiameterBody LengthNaturally AspiratedTurboTurbo Aftercooled
CSW31½" (38mm) - 2" (51mm)3⅛" (80mm)4" (102mm)0 - 1.3L0 - 1.0L0 - 0.76L
CSW42" (51mm) - 3" (76mm)4" (102mm)5" (127mm)1.3 - 2.5L1.0 - 1.92L0.76 - 1.47L
CSW52" (51mm) - 3" (76mm)4" (102mm)5" (127mm)2.5 - 4.1L1.92 - 3.15L1.47 - 2.41L
CSW63" (76mm) - 4" (102mm)5" (127mm)6" (152mm)4.1 - 6.5L3.15 - 5.0L2.41 - 3.82L
CSW73" (76mm) - 4" (102mm)6" (152mm)7" (178mm)6.5 - 9.8L5.0 - 7.54L3.82 - 5.76L
CSW83" (76mm) - 5" (127mm)7" (178mm)8" (203mm)9.8 - 13.3L7.54 - 10.2L5.76 - 7.82L
CSW93½" (89mm) - 5" (127mm)8" (203mm)9" (230mm)13.3 - 16.4L10.2 - 12.6L7.82 - 9.65L
CSW104" (102mm) - 6" (152mm)9" (230mm)10" (254mm)16.4 - 19.7L12.6 - 152.L9.65 - 11.59L

Partial Filter Technology Diesel Particulate Filter

DPF Metallic

Active Ceramic Diesel Particulate Filter


High Activity System